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"All the things you pointed out were so obvious, but we would never have been able to see them by ourselves"
- Honzovahypoteka.cs
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Spotify Ipad app login – What were they thinking?

Spotify thumbnail

Spotify had made the most stupid thing I have ever seen on a login page. By far. Beyond competition.

See the Video that shows how Spotify does everything they can to distract the user from what could be a very simple task: logging in to the iPad app.
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Don’t call yourself Guru. Ever. Period.


When I started Conversionista I had the ambition to become a “Guru” in Conversion Optimization.

So that’s what I called myself.

Was it a good idea? Kind of – No. ( Read More )

The Secret Behind the Success of the DollarShave Video


The launch Video for DollarShave Club is one of this spring’s hits in social media (30,000 likes) and on Youtube (4.5 Million views).

To understand why and how it is funny you need to break it down and analyze what motional strings it is playing.

Only then will you truly understand its success.
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Top 4 takeaways from ConversionConference San Francisco

ConversionConference- San-Francisco-2012

For those who could not attend or for those of you did but still are trying to figure out what it really meant, here are the 4 most important things I learnt:
1. Ability first Then motivation
2.From Tech to Features to Experience
3. Users Ile
4. The most important component in optimization – The Brain ( Read More )

Are You Saying “No” When You Could Be Saying “Yes” in Your Web Forms?

hantering av felmeddelande

Every web marketer knows (or should know by now) that web forms in checkout, sign up or any other registration process play a big role in the conversion funnel. Yet, not so many web marketers out there are aware of  the fact that what can really make the difference in conversion rate is how well error messages in web forms are handled. A bad handling of error messages in forms is like saying NO to your customers, while you could [...] ( Read More )

Is Your Web Site a Swiss Bakery Lady?


Don’t try to buy bread in Switzerland unless you know EXACTLY what each bread is called and can pronounce it perfectly.

Just so unforgiving, are many Swedish websites when they ask their visitors to fill in personal ID numbers, zip codes and similar.

Learn how to improve the validation of personal identity numbers and other common, but tricky, form tasks that you ask your visitors to perform. ( Read More )

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